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Drinking Water security
Since the last three years, DSC is working to provide drinking water security in 28 villages of Dhari block, Amreli district. For this purpose, Paani Samitis have been formed in these villages, which in turn have drawn up a plan for the various activities needed to develop their local water source as well as the distribution system. The Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO) has sanctioned plans and estimates worth Rs 2.98 crores of which Rs 1.44 crores has already been released. The Paani Samitis with the help of DSC field staff have completed works to the tune of Rs 1.32 crores which includes a contribution of 10 per cent from the people. With the release of the remaining installment from WASMO the rest of the works are expected to be completed by June 2011.

Rainfall Insurance Initiative
Last year Dhari initiated rainfall insurance in 28 acres; this year too it has initiated dissemination of a rainfall insurance product through meetings and campaign in all 30 villages of the programme area. During the 2009 Kharif, season, 85 farmers (of which 37 were women farmers and 19 small and marginal farmers owning less than <2 ha land) got motivated to take up rainfall insurance in an area of 105 acres, The insurance premium per acre was Rs.750/- for groundnut and Rs.728/- for cotton. The total sum insured was Rs 5.35 lakhs with a total premium of Rs.77500/-, of which farmers contributed Rs. 46700/-. Thirty seven farmers took insurance for groundnut while forty eight took it for cotton. As the last monsoon season was not up to the mark, farmers also received a claim of Rs. 82,230/-

Preparation of Groundnut and Wheat Seeds by Dhari Krushak Vikas Producers Co Ltd (DKVPCL)
Due to unavailability of quality and reliable seeds in the market at the time of sowing, the Dhari Krushak Vikas Producers Company Ltd. took up an initiative to prepare quality Groundnut (GG20) and Wheat (GW-366) seeds for its farmer-members. Using these seeds, farmers were able to prepare 38 quintals of Groundnut and 32 quintals of Wheat seeds for the first time. Better Cotton Initiative DSC initiated linkages with IKEA last year for practicing Better Cotton Initiative in Dhari. As there was no time for a demonstration on better practices, DKVPCL took up only marketing. The company procured 165 tonnes of cotton from farmers especially from distant villages. The total procurement in terms of amount was around Rs.51.15 lakhs which directly benefited 130 farmers and resulted in a saving of around Rs.1.0 lakh (in terms of transportation, time and labour). The most significant outcome of this initiative was that the farmers were able to get good prices for their produce at their doorstep. In the next season all project components viz. workshops, training programmes, demonstration of better practices, preparation of communication material, marketing etc. will be implemented.